We've got the designs, now we are applying for grants to fund the construction of our pump track.

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What is a pump track?

BMSTC (Blue Mountain Singletrack Trails Club) is working with local groups and officials to explore the possibility of building a pumptrack in La Grande. But what is a pump track, you ask?

A pump track is a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden completely by riders "pumping"—generating momentum by up and down body movements, instead of pedaling or pushing. It was originally designed for the mountain bike and BMX scene, and now, due to concrete constructions, is also used by skateboard and scooter riders, and accessible to wheelchairs. Pump tracks are relatively simple to use and cheap to construct, and cater to a wide variety of rider skill levels.

Pump tracks can be ridden by cyclists of all ages and skill levels. You don’t need a special kind of bicycle to ride on a pump track ‐ BMX bikes, mountain bikes, kids bikes ‐ even strider bikes can be used on the pump track. All you really need is a bike and a helmet ‐ and you’re set! You don’t need to be a super cyclist to ride at a pump track ‐ they can be ridden by anyone! It’s a great way to increase bike handling skills for younger riders, and for the whole family to enjoy cycling fun in a safe, traffic free environment.

You don’t need a huge area to build a pump track. Pump tracks fit just about anywhere. They are a ridiculously effective workout. They build skills like crazy. They are great cross training for other sports like skiing, snowboarding, and track sports. Riding together at a pump track is a great family activity. And very importantly, they are really, really fun!

Where would it go?

La Grande has many suitable locations for a pump track, but the best and most accessible is right next to the skate park. The area highlighted in red in this satellite photo is roughly 65' x 130', which is the perfect size for the pump track we'd like to build.

What would it look like?

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Arial rendering of the future LG Pump Track
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Wall Ride #1
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Wall Ride #2
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View from the sports fields
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Beginners pump track
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View from the parking lot

Let's make it happen!

If you'd like to see a pump track built in our community, let the city know! We're collecting names so that when we next meet with the Parks Department, we can show them that this is something La Grande needs.

We promise we won't email you about anything other than progress on the pump track.

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